Sage Tea

Salvia triloba (Salvia fruticosa)

The Turkish sage is rich in 1,8 cineol (Eukalyptol). I import this plant likewise from Antalya. In 20 g and 30 g packages


flores tiliale

In 20 g and 30 g packages Lime-blossom-tea from the region around Antalya and/or from the Aegaen region.

Oregano tea

Origanum majorana

a good-tasting Oregano sort, not-rubbed, whole plant packed in transparent bags, in 20 g and 30 g packages. Compared with the other Origanum kinds, Origanum majorana has a very high oil rate. While with thyme the ethereal oil thymol stands in the foreground, Origanum contains carvacrol. Grown under the southern sun at the Mediterranean coast, Origanum majorana (in former times Origanum dubium) offers much ethereal oil (see the spice assortment for more details). The parts of the plant, which got loose from the handle in the package, are just as usable. It is advisable to cut up the plants into 3-4 pieces and use a filter, or a tea filter.

The Origanum kind O. minutiflorum is also suitable as tea.
Starting from autumn Origanum majorana and/or Origanum minutiflorum are offered at will.


Mountain Teas
Herb Teas

On the following pages you can find landscape photographs from the Taurus Mountain (taken: eastern of Antalya). In the pictures you can recognize different mountain tea places.
The mountain tea is picked in free nature in southern Turkey on the high country of Antalya. There are the high mountain-slopes of the Taurus mountains, faraway from roads and motor traffic, no industrial …. >>>>
The name reveals something: Tea for drinking and the plant grows on the mountains.

The name "mountain tea" causes immediately associations with the few connoisseurs: "Greek mountain tea".
A Austrian food book (Codex alimentarius Austriacus) describes it in such a way in the section "tae-similar products": "Greek mountain tea consists of the dried, aboveground parts of Sideritis scardica...>>>>

All kekik, all oregano ?
Kekik, this Turkish word is used in Turkish language for so many different plants, that a dictionary is nont able to give only approximately a complete list of these plants again

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